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Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP) Outreach Department is available to facilitate workshops and focus groups on HIV/AIDS and other STIs that will help to educate, empower and support individuals in Toronto’s Black, African and Caribbean communities to make healthier and safer sexual choices and help in reducing their risk for contracting or transmitting HIV/AIDS and other STIs.


With your help these workshops can be tailored to fit your group and or community’s needs. Just tell us what you’re looking to achieve. The Workshops we usually run are:

Homophobia & HIV/AIDS-related Stigma and Discrimination – This workshop seeks to debunk myths and highlight key issues that continue to negatively impact the work around HIV/AIDS: addressing most widespread myth that HIV is a “gay disease”, which has caused both men and women who identify as straight think they’re ‘safe’ from HIV, and that any precautions or educational materials relating to HIV seem not to have any relevance to them.

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