Condoms, Inhalations & Injection Kits

Our Harm Reduction Program distributes safer smoking and safer injecting kits when conducting community outreach. Kits are also available upon request at our location on Victoria Street. To avoid infections, we suggest that one uses new sterile equipment when injecting or smoking substances. We also have bio hazard disposal sharp bins onsite to dispose off used needles and pipes.

The safer crack smoking kits distributed by Black CAP contain Pyrex Pipes/Glass Stem, Metal Pipe Screens, Chop Sticks, Mouth Pieces, Condoms and Lube (Water Based) and matches.

The safer injection kits distributed by Black CAP contain Tourniquets, Cookers and Spoons, Water Vials, Alcohol Swabs, Vitamin C, Needles and Syringes, Filters, Condoms, and Lubes (Water Based) and matches.

If you are unable to come to our location downtown to access our needle exchange services, view more information on other organizations for a program closest to your neighbourhood for harm reduction supplies.

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