Circle of Care

Circle of care

The Circle of Care Initiative is a collaborative approach
to providing diverse, innovative and practical support
services for women living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto

About the Initiative

The Circle of Care Initiative was designed in response to women’s stated needs and interests. Its goals are to stabilize, strengthen and expand programs for women affected by HIV/AIDS across the City of Toronto.

The Circle of Care Initiative is a consortium of five AIDS service organizations including the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP), Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN), Toronto People with AIDS Foundation (PWA), and The Teresa Group.

African Caribbean and Black Women’s Support Program

Lead: Black CAP

The goal of the ACB Women’s Support Program is to address the complex care needs of African, Caribbean and Black women living with HIV through increased access to relevant supportive programming. Services include case management and counselling to help respond to complex individual and family needs/issues; group delivery, including a Community Kitchen and trans women’s programming; and, service access/system navigation to help women access complimentary programs and services.

For more information, please call the Women’s Support Coordinator at 416-977-9955, ext. 260.

Criminalized Women and Trans Community Programming


A combination of support services is available to help all women and trans-identified people to achieve their goals of connecting with other women/peers, addressing immediate and longer-term issues, building self-esteem and ultimately integrating into larger community(ies). One-on-one 

support and systems navigation assistance is available to HIV-positive women who are ex-prisoners as well as a number of complimentary programs.

For more information, please call the Women’s Community Program Coordinator at 416-920-9567, ext. 225

Peer Support Program

Lead: Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA)

The Peer Support Program is a collaborative initiative run by the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA), Black CAP, and PASAN.

The Peer Support Program builds on the value, impact and benefit that can be experienced by women living with HIV when they are able to receive support from other HIV-positive women as well as for those HIV-positive women providing support.

Circle of Care Peers provide support to other women as they navigate the social service system by providing advice on accessing services, negotiating with service providers, accompanying women to appointments, helping introduce them to other services and supports, providing interpretation and translation, as well as other supports.

For more information, please call one of the Coordinators atPWA at 416-506-1400, ext.210Black CAP at 416-977-9955, ext. 266PASAN at 416-920-9567, ext. 225

Social Spaces and Learning Support


Lead: AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)

ACT provides opportunities for women living with HIV/AIDS to socialize and discuss current issues related to HIV. ACT’s Circle of Care program is called WomenZone and is open to all women living with HIV, including trans women. WomenZone offers women the opportunity to learn about ways to better manage their health, the importance of nutrition, and an opportunity to interact with each other. WomenZone sessions are offered three times per month and each session includes a meal.

For more information, please call the Women’s Support Coordinator at 416-340-8484, ext. 239

Supportive Programming for Mothers Living with HIV

Lead: The Teresa Group

Supportive programming for mothers living with HIV includes support to pregnant women, new mothers with babies in the first year of life, early years counselling for parents of children aged 0-6, home and hospital visits as well as the coordination of other community supports as required. The programs aim to reach mothers in outlying areas of Toronto who find it difficult to access these types of services, those who seek services with a 

specific focus on HIV, or those who require more intensive support.

For more information, please call the Family Support Coordinator at 416-596-7703, ext. 315

For More Information

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