Other Community Services

Immigration and COVID 19

Workers, students and visitors

If you can enter or leave Canada, what to do if your status is already expired or is expiring soon

Refugees, asylum claimants and sponsors

Making a refugee claim in Canada, information for sponsors and refugees overseas waiting to be resettled

Immigration applicants

If you’re applying or already applied for permanent residence, if we approved your application, withdrawing your application

Canadians and citizenship applicants

If you applied for citizenship, need proof of citizenship, travel and work abroad, adopted a child from abroad, or take part in citizenship celebrations

Permanent residents

If you just immigrated to Canada or you’re already a permanent resident and need to travel urgently

Passports and travel documents

Find out about urgent passport or travel document services and how to apply inside or outside Canada

Settlement and resettlement service providers

How to safely deliver services to newcomer clients during the COVID-19 outbreak

Financial assistance

Financial help for newcomers, temporary residents and refugees (in multiple languages)

Housing Security for Black Tenants: COVID-19

Other resources:  

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